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Amy Mickelson is widely known as the wife of professional golfer Phil Mickelson. While she may be in the spotlight due to her husband’s success, Amy has a remarkable story of her own. This article will delve into various aspects of Amy Mickelson’s life, including her relationship with Phil, their wedding, children, her current status, age, birthday, career, net worth, interesting facts, trivia, and more.

Amy Mickelson’s Husband: Phil Mickelson

Amy Mickelson‘s journey as the wife of Phil Mickelson began in 1996 when the couple tied the knot. Phil Mickelson, born in San Diego, California, is a professional golfer who has left an indelible mark on the sport. Known for his charismatic personality and incredible golfing skills, Phil Mickelson has won numerous accolades, including five major championships: the Masters Tournament (2004, 2006, 2010), the PGA Championship (2005), and The Open Championship (2013). His successful career has earned him a prominent place in the world of golf.

Amy Mickelson with her husband
Amy Mickelson with her husband Phil Mickelson

Throughout Phil Mickelson’s career, Amy Mickelson has been his steadfast supporter, standing by his side during victories and offering comfort during defeats. As a golf enthusiast herself, Amy understands the demands and challenges her husband faces in his profession. Her unwavering support and belief in Phil’s abilities have played a pivotal role in his accomplishments, both on and off the golf course.

Who is Phil Mickelson married to?

Amy and Phil Mickelson tied the knot in 1996. The wedding ceremony took place in Arizona, where the couple exchanged their vows in the presence of their families and close friends. Their wedding was a private affair, with a focus on intimacy and celebrating their love for each other.

Amy Mickelson and Phil Mickelson
Amy Mickelson and Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson’s US Open Tragedy

In a surprising turn of events at the U.S. Open, a fan disrupted the peaceful atmosphere on Thursday with a bizarre and lengthy rant directed at golf legend Phil Mickelson. As Mickelson was preparing to putt on the 9th hole during the first round, a spectator, disguised in a sombrero and a stick-on mustache, stood up in the grandstand by the green and unleashed a series of cryptic and incoherent remarks.

The heckler, who caught everyone’s attention with his 30-second diatribe, criticized Mickelson for allegedly accepting sponsorship from LIV Golf and accused him of turning his back on the PGA Tour. Witnesses in the vicinity reported that the initial part of the heckler’s rant included references to a supposed “Victoria’s Secret sponsorship,” mentioning something about “red lipstick and nine-inch heels”. The exact connection between these remarks and Mickelson’s career remains unclear.

How many children does Amy Mickelson have?

The couple has three children named Sophia Isabel Mickelson, Amanda Brynn Mickelson, and Evan Samuel Mickelson. Each child has added joy and meaning to their life, and the family’s strong bond is evident.

Sophia Isabel Mickelson is the eldest of the Mickelson children. She attended Brown University and pursued a degree in psychology. Sophia has shown an interest in philanthropy and has been involved in charitable initiatives alongside her family.

Amy Mickelson with her husband and kids
Amy Mickelson with her husband Phil Mickelson and kids

Evan Samuel Mickelson is the only son of Amy and Phil. Evan has faced challenges since his birth, having been diagnosed with a neurological disorder called autism. Despite these difficulties, Evan’s parents have been advocates for autism awareness and have consistently supported their son in his journey.

Amanda Brynn Mickelson is the middle child. Amanda studied at the prestigious School in California and later attended a renowned University. Like her sister, she has shown a passion for philanthropy and has been actively involved in charitable causes.

HusbandPhil Mickelson (m. 1996)
Marriage Date1996
Marital StatusMarried
DaughtersSophia Isabel Mickelson
Amanda Brynn Mickelson
SonEvan Samuel Mickelson
BoyfriendPhil Mickelson
Relationship StatusCommitted

Amy Mickelson still alive?

As of the latest available information, Amy Mickelson is still alive. It’s important to note that this article was written based on the knowledge and data available up until June 2023. Any significant developments or changes regarding Amy Mickelson’s status should be verified through reliable sources.

Amy Mickelson is a Breast Cancer Survivor

In 2009, Phil revealed Amy Mickelson’s diagnosis of breast cancer. This personal health challenge led her to become an advocate for cancer awareness and research. Her courage and resilience in the face of adversity have inspired many individuals fighting similar battles.

Amy Mickelson cancer

Amy Mickelson has actively participated in fundraising events and campaigns to raise awareness about breast cancer. Her involvement has helped generate significant funds for research and support programs. By sharing her own experiences and speaking openly about her journey, Amy has played a crucial role in reducing the stigma surrounding cancer and encouraging others to seek proper medical care and support.

Amy Mickelson’s Age and Birthday

Amy Mickelson was born in 1972, which makes her 51 years old as of 2023. Her birth year places her in the same generation as her husband, Phil Mickelson, who was born in 1970. Together, they have shared a remarkable journey over the years, both personally and professionally.

Amy Mickelson wiki

Amy Mickelson pursued her higher education at Arizona State University. The university, located in Tempe, Arizona, is renowned for its academic programs and has produced many successful graduates. While it is unclear which specific field of study Amy focused on during her time at Arizona State University

Age (as of 2023)51 years
Date of Birth1972
BirthplaceThe United States
Birth NameAmy McBride
Net worthUSD 800k (estimated)
EducationArizona State University

Amy Mickelson Loves Charity

Beyond her role as a supportive wife and mother, Amy Mickelson has made notable contributions to philanthropy and community involvement. Together with her husband, she established the Mickelson Foundation in 2004, aiming to support a variety of charitable causes. The foundation focuses on improving education and healthcare opportunities for underserved children and families.

Amy Mickelson career

One of the significant initiatives undertaken by the Mickelson Foundation is the Birdies for the Brave program. This program supports military men and women, as well as their families, by providing financial assistance and various resources. The program has made a significant impact, and its success can be attributed, in part, to Amy Mickelson’s dedication and involvement.

Amy Mickelson’s Net Worth is US $800k

Amy Mickelson’s net worth is around US $800k (approx.) and has maintained a more private life compared to her husband, Phil Mickelson. Phil Mickelson himself has amassed a significant fortune through his successful golfing career, sponsorships, and various business ventures. It’s important to note that any estimation of Amy Mickelson’s net worth would be speculative and should be treated as such.

Points About Amy Mickelson

  • Amy Mickelson was born Amy McBride in New Jersey.
  • Amy has been a constant source of support for Phil throughout his career.
  • In 2009, Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment.
  • She has been actively involved in philanthropy, particularly in children’s healthcare and education.
  • Amy and Phil Mickelson are known for their close-knit family and dedication to their children.


Amy Mickelson plays an integral role in the life of Phil Mickelson, one of the most successful professional golfers. While she prefers to maintain a more private life, Amy has contributed to philanthropic efforts alongside her husband. Her love and support for Phil, as well as her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others, make her an admirable figure. Despite the challenges she has faced, Amy continues to be an essential part of Phil Mickelson’s journey both on and off the golf course.

Q & A

  1. How did Amy and Phil Mickelson meet?

    Amy and Phil Mickelson met while attending Arizona State University.

  2. Does Amy Mickelson have a career of her own?

    While Amy Mickelson’s professional career is not as well-known as her husband’s, she has been involved in charitable endeavors and has established the Phil and Amy Mickelson Foundation.

  3. How many children do Amy and Phil Mickelson have?

    Amy and Phil Mickelson have three children: two daughters named Amanda Brynn and Sophia Isabel, and a son named Evan Samuel.

  4. What is Amy Mickelson’s net worth?

    US $800k (approx.).

  5. Is Amy Mickelson still alive?

    As of June 2023, Amy Mickelson is still alive.

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