Helen McConnell Wiki – Net worth, Age, Kids, Marriage, Nationality, and Family of Jonny Evans’ Wife

In this intriguing article, we will delve into the life of Helen McConnell, the wife of the renowned football star Jonny Evans. While Jonny Evans has been in the spotlight for his impressive career on the field, his better half, Helen McConnell, remains a more private figure.

Let me tell you that Helen is a renowned television personality and has worked in various entertaining fields. We will explore various aspects of her life, including her net worth, career, age, birthday, marriage, kids, parents, siblings, education, and other intriguing facts and trivia that you may not be aware of.

Helen McConnell’s Net Worth

According to available reports, Helen’s estimated net worth stands at around USD 900,000. As a private individual, she isn’t known for engaging in lucrative ventures or business pursuits. Instead, Helen seems to enjoy a comfortable life alongside her husband, Jonny Evans, a prominent footballer with a substantial net worth. The couple shares their wealth and assets, leading to shared financial success.

Helen McConnell’s Career

Helen McConnell began her career in the media industry as a television presenter. With her charming personality and engaging on-screen presence, she quickly captured the attention of audiences. Her passion for sports, particularly football, soon became evident, and she became associated with various sports-related programs, further cementing her position in the broadcasting world.

Helen McConnell career

As her career gained momentum, Helen McConnell’s talents as a television presenter landed her an opportunity to work with MUTV, Manchester United’s official media house. Joining the club’s media team was a significant turning point in her life, as it allowed her to combine her love for football and broadcasting on a much larger scale.

Apart from her successful stint as a television presenter, Helen McConnell took a leap of faith by joining Style Academy, a prestigious Belfast-based modeling agency. Embracing her confidence and elegant demeanor, she soon established herself as a sought-after model, gracing the covers of magazines and walking runways for prominent fashion shows.

With each new experience and opportunity, Helen McConnell’s skills as a sports presenter continued to evolve. After her time at MUTV, she took a bold step and began working as a freelance sports broadcaster.

Early Life and Background

Born and raised in a close-knit family, Helen McConnell grew up with strong values and ethics. Her childhood was filled with love and support from her parents and siblings. Throughout her life, Helen has demonstrated a down-to-earth demeanor, rarely flaunting her association with Jonny Evans despite his status as a prominent athlete.

Helen McConnell wiki

Age and Birthday

As of 2023, Helen McConnell is 35 years old. Born in the vibrant city of Belfast, she has experienced the rich culture and history of her hometown. Her birth date places her under the zodiac sign of Taurus, which is associated with traits like determination, loyalty, and practicality. These qualities might have played a significant role in shaping Helen’s character and supporting her husband’s endeavors in the world of professional football.

Marriage to Jonny Evans

Helen McConnell is famously known as the wife of Jonny Evans, a professional footballer who hails from Northern Ireland. Jonny Evans rose to fame as a talented and dependable defender. He began his youth career at Greenisland FC before moving on to the esteemed Manchester United Academy, where he honed his skills. Evans went on to represent Manchester United’s senior team and later transferred to West Bromwich Albion in 2015. His impressive performances on the field earned him a move to Leicester City in 2018, where he continued to excel.

Helen McConnell and her husband
Helen McConnell and her husband Jonny Evans

Despite the spotlight being on Jonny for his footballing prowess, his relationship with Helen McConnell has remained relatively under wraps. The couple tied the knot in 2013, surrounded by close friends and family. Helen’s decision to avoid the media limelight has allowed her husband to focus on his football career while ensuring that their personal life remains private.

The Couple’s Journey and Kids

While Helen McConnell and Jonny Evans may have chosen to keep their relationship out of the public eye, their family life is a center of love, support, and happiness. The couple is proud parents to three daughters, and they prioritize their family above all else. The names of their children have been kept confidential to shield them from unwanted attention, showcasing Helen’s protective nature as a mother.

Helen McConnell with her husband and kids
Helen McConnell with her husband Jonny Evans and kids
SpouseJonny Evans
BoyfriendJonny Evans
Marital StatusMarried
Relationship StatusDating
Marriage Date2013
FatherMr. McConnell
MotherMrs. McConnell
SiblingsNot known

Jonny Evans Joins Manchester United

Manchester United has welcomed back a familiar face as Jonny Evans, the Northern Ireland defender, has returned to the club on a short-term contract. The 35-year-old center-back left Leicester City at the end of the previous season and has now been signed by Manchester United manager, Eric ten Hag, after impressing during training sessions. This deal enables Evans to participate in the upcoming friendly matches against Lyon and Wrexham.

Jonny Evans is no stranger to the Old Trafford faithful, having spent his early career at Manchester United. He joined the club’s academy as a youngster and made his first-team debut in September 2007, progressing through the ranks under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson. During his initial stint at the club, Evans made 198 appearances, leaving a lasting impact on the team by winning three Premier League titles, two League Cups, a Champions League, and a Club World Cup.

Helen McConnell’s Family: Parents and Siblings

Helen’s upbringing in a loving family has played a crucial role in shaping the person she is today. While there isn’t much information about her parents and siblings in the public domain, it is evident that they have been a significant source of support and encouragement in her life.

Education and Pursuits

Helen McConnell’s educational journey has been marked by dedication and a commitment to excellence. She attended Wellington College Belfast, an esteemed educational institution in her hometown, where she received a comprehensive education that prepared her for future challenges.

After completing her secondary education, Helen pursued a degree in Sports Studies from Ulster University. This choice of study suggests a passion for sports and a desire to deepen her understanding of this field.

Helen McConnell bio

Graduating from Ulster University was a significant accomplishment for Helen McConnell. Not only did it represent the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, but it also opened up various opportunities for her in the world of sports and beyond.

Helen’s Passion and Hobbies

Beyond her family life and career, Helen McConnell is known to have a passion for various activities and hobbies. Whether it’s exploring the arts, contributing to charitable causes, or pursuing leisurely interests, she leads a well-rounded life that goes beyond the confines of her husband’s fame.

Trivia: Lesser-Known Facts About Helen McConnell

  • Helen enjoys spending quality time with her family and close friends during her free time.
  • She is an advocate for animal welfare and actively supports animal rescue organizations.
  • Helen is an avid reader and finds solace in the world of literature.
  • She has a quirky collection of vintage teapots, each with its own unique story.
  • Helen McConnell has an innate talent for playing musical instruments, including the piano and guitar.

Supporting Charitable Causes

Both Helen McConnell and Jonny Evans share a passion for giving back to society. They have been involved in various charitable endeavors, supporting causes related to health, education, and children’s welfare. Their philanthropic efforts have made a positive impact on the lives of many, further endearing them to their fans.

The Power Couple’s Influence on Social Media

Despite their preference for privacy, Helen and Jonny Evans maintain a significant presence on social media platforms. Their heartfelt posts about their journey, love, and philanthropic work resonate with fans worldwide. Through their online presence, they have fostered a strong sense of community and inspiration among their followers.

Helen McConnell family

Challenges and Overcoming Adversities

Life in the public eye comes with its fair share of challenges. For Helen McConnell, maintaining her privacy while being married to a high-profile athlete has been a balancing act. Yet, she has gracefully navigated through the ups and downs, emerging stronger and more resilient.

Celebrity Lifestyle and Privacy

Living amidst the glamour of her husband’s fame, Helen McConnell has remained committed to safeguarding her private life. She values her time away from the spotlight, cherishing moments of peace and tranquility with her loved ones.


  1. Is Helen McConnell involved in any charity work?

    Yes, Helen McConnell and Jonny Evans are actively involved in various charitable causes, particularly those related to health, education, and children’s welfare.

  2. What is Helen McConnell’s profession?

    She is a renowned television presenter.

  3. How do Helen and Jonny Evans influence their fans on social media?

    The couple uses their social media presence to share heartfelt posts about their journey, love, and philanthropic work, inspiring their followers and fostering a sense of community.

  4. What is Helen McConnell’s net worth?

    US $900k (approx.).

In conclusion, Helen McConnell is more than just Jonny Evans’ wife; she is a remarkable woman with her own identity, interests, and pursuits. Balancing life as a celebrity spouse and a private individual, Helen exemplifies grace, resilience, and compassion. While she continues to cherish her privacy, her presence in Jonny Evans’ life has undoubtedly had a profound impact on him, both personally and professionally.

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