Who is Lilly Jay? Ethan Slater’s Wife, Bio, Age, Wiki, Job, Height, Birthday, Marriage, and Income

In this article, we will delve into the life of Lilly Jay, who gained prominence as the former wife of actor, writer, and composer Ethan Slater. We will explore her age, birthday, career, marriage to Ethan Slater, their children, education, net worth, and interesting facts. Let’s uncover the intriguing details about Lilly Jay, her life journey, and her association with Ethan Slater.

Age and Background

Lilly Jay was born in the United States in 1992, making her 31 years old as of the current year, 2023. While specific details about her birthday and birthplace are not widely known, her age puts her in the same generation as her husband, Ethan Slater, who was born in 1992 as well.

Lilly Jay‘s Husband: Ethan Slater

Ethan Slater is a talented actor, singer, and dancer who rose to fame for his portrayal of the titular character in the hit Broadway musical “SpongeBob SquarePants.” Born on June 2, 1992, in Washington D.C., Ethan discovered his passion for performing at a young age. He attended the Vassar College where he honed his acting skills and later pursued a career in the entertainment industry.

Lilly Jay and Ethan Slater love story
Lilly Jay and Ethan Slater’s love story

Slater’s breakout role as SpongeBob earned him critical acclaim and numerous accolades, including Tony Award and Drama Desk Award nominations for Best Leading Actor in a Musical. Besides his success on Broadway, Ethan has also made appearances on television and in films, further solidifying his place in the entertainment world.

Their Marriage: High School Sweethearts

Ethan Slater and Lilly Jay share a unique love story, having been high school sweethearts before tying the knot. The couple’s relationship began to blossom during their teenage years, and their connection grew stronger as they journeyed through college together. Their bond endured the tests of time and distance, with both supporting each other’s dreams and aspirations.

After several years of dating, Ethan Slater and Lilly Jay decided to take their relationship to the next level and got married in 2018. The couple’s journey from high school sweethearts to husband and wife became an inspiration to many, showcasing the beauty of long-lasting love and commitment.

Love Story: A Journey Through The Limelight

As Ethan’s career flourished with his role in “SpongeBob SquarePants,” Lilly Jay stood by his side, supporting him through every milestone and triumph. The couple often appeared together at various red carpet events and social gatherings, demonstrating their affection for each other.

Lilly Jay with her husband Ethan Slater
Lilly Jay with her husband Ethan Slater

Their love story captured the hearts of many fans who admired the couple’s down-to-earth demeanor and their genuine affection for one another. Lilly Jay’s presence added an extra layer of charm to Ethan’s public persona, making her a beloved figure among his admirers.

Separation: Parting Ways Several Months Ago

Despite their love and the admiration they received as a couple, life’s challenges and demands can sometimes take a toll on even the most enduring relationships. Unfortunately, after a few years of marriage, Ethan Slater and Lilly Jay decided to part ways. The couple announced their separation through a joint statement, expressing their mutual respect and love for each other.

While the news of their separation saddened fans, it also highlighted the reality that relationships, even those in the limelight, can face difficulties. Both Ethan and Lilly requested privacy during this challenging time, demonstrating maturity and understanding of the media and public’s interest in their personal lives.

Lilly Jay’s Kids: The Journey of Parenthood

During their marriage, Ethan Slater and Lilly Jay embraced the joys and responsibilities of parenthood. The couple welcomed their son, who became the light of their lives. Becoming parents added a new dimension to their relationship, as they navigated the trials and tribulations of raising a child while balancing their respective careers.

HusbandEthan Slater
Marital StatusSeparated
Marriage Date2018
Relationship SttausRelationship Status
Kids1 son

Is Ethan Slater Dating Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande, the renowned pop icon, found love again shortly after her separation from her husband Dalton Gomez, with whom she was married for two years. The lucky man in question is none other than actor Ethan Slater, known for his role as SpongeBob SquarePants in the Broadway musical adaptation of the popular cartoon character.

Reports suggest that the two stars have been dating for several months now, and their romantic relationship blossomed while working together on the film adaptation of the hit musical “Wicked”.

Ethan Slater dating Ariana Grande
Ethan Slater dating Ariana Grande

The couple’s relationship seems to have started recently, and it is rumored that they only began dating after both had ended their previous relationships. Ethan Slater was married to his high school sweetheart, Lilly Jay, and they welcomed a son together in 2022. Similarly, Ariana Grande’s marriage to Dalton Gomez came to an end earlier this year.

Career and Achievements

Lilly Jay’s career is a testament to her dedication and passion for diverse fields. Her journey started as a psychology lab assistant, where she played a crucial role in conducting research and aiding in various psychological studies. Working in a psychology lab requires a strong understanding of research methodologies, data analysis, and a keen eye for detail, which Lilly excelled in.

Lilly Jay career

Apart from her work in the psychology lab, Lilly Jay’s artistic inclination led her to explore the world of photography. As a photography editor, she honed her skills in photo editing and curation, bringing out the best in visual storytelling. Her ability to capture emotions and tell meaningful stories through photographs allowed her to leave a lasting impact on the artistic community.

Advocacy for a Better World

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lilly Jay is known for her remarkable advocacy work, particularly in the fight against sexual assault. Drawing from her psychology background and personal experiences, she became an outspoken advocate for survivors and a champion for raising awareness about the issue.

Lilly’s advocacy took her to significant platforms, including speaking engagements at the White House. Her powerful speeches and unwavering determination garnered attention from policymakers, influencers, and the public alike, as she shed light on the urgent need for policy changes and support systems to address sexual assault.

Lilly Jay’s Education and Academic Pursuits

According to various web sources, Lilly Jay pursued her higher education at Amherst College after completing her high school studies at Georgetown Day School. Her dedication to academics led her to earn a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from Long Island University in 2020.

Lilly Jay wiki

Trivia and Interesting Facts

  • Lilly Jay and Ethan Slater first met when they were just 13 years old.
  • The were wedded for several years before they parted ways.
  • The couple shared a deep bond and considered each other their best friend.

Net Worth and Financial Status

As a successful psychology lab assistant, photography editor, and advocate, Lilly Jay has undoubtedly earned recognition for her achievements. While the exact figures of her earnings are not publicly disclosed, some estimates suggest that her net worth is around USD 1.5 million.

Life After Separation

In July 2023, news emerged that Ethan Slater and Lilly Jay had separated. Following their split, Ethan reportedly began dating his Wicked costar, the renowned singer Ariana Grande. Despite the changes in their personal lives, both Ethan and Lilly have maintained their privacy and have not released official statements about their separation.


  1. Is Lilly Jay still married to Ethan Slater?

    No, Lilly Jay and Ethan Slater separated after being married for several years.

  2. When did Lilly Jay and Ethan Slater get married?

    Lilly Jay and Ethan Slater got married on November 11, 2018.

  3. Does Lilly Jay have children with Ethan Slater?

    Yes, Lilly Jay and Ethan Slater have a son together.

  4. What is Lilly Jay’s profession?

    Lilly Jay worked as a psychology lab assistant and clinical psychology extern, along with being a photo editor at Girls Leadership.

  5. What is Lilly Jay’s educational background?

    Lilly Jay completed her high school education at Georgetown Day School and pursued higher studies at Amherst College.

In short, Lilly Jay, as the former wife of Ethan Slater, had a significant impact on his life during their long-term relationship. Though details about her personal life and career remain private, her presence in Ethan’s life was undeniably significant. While the course of life may have changed for both Lilly and Ethan, they continue to pursue their respective journeys with resilience and determination.

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