Who is John Robert Bell? TikTok Star Age, Wiki, Partner, Family, Controversy, Height, Net Worth, and More

In this article, we will delve into the life of John Robert Bell, a rising star on TikTok. With an engaging and entertaining presence on the platform, John has captured the hearts of millions with his unique content. Unfortunately, because of several controversies, his account has been deleted on TikTok. From his age and birthday to his career, net worth, education, family, wife, kids, and intriguing trivia, we will explore various aspects of his life.

John Robert Bell Age and Background

John Robert Bell was born on August 13, 1993, in the United States, making him 29 years old as of the current year, 2023. Despite his relatively young age, Bell has managed to make a significant mark in the realm of social media and has become an inspiration for many aspiring content creators.

John Robert Bell wiki

Born under the zodiac sign of Leo, John Robert Bell possesses the characteristic traits commonly associated with this fire sign. Leos are known for their confidence, creativity, and natural leadership abilities, all of which shine through in Bell’s TikTok content.

The Rise of Jorobe

John Robert Bell made a name for himself on TikTok, amassing a significant following with his content focused on political and feminist issues. He was also a self-proclaimed fan of Nicki Minaj, referring to himself as a ‘Barb’. His videos often featured thought-provoking commentary and calls for individuals to ‘Be Better’ when addressing problematic behavior on the platform. However, his journey to social media stardom would soon take a dark turn due to the controversies surrounding him.

The Allegations of Pedophilia and Grooming

In July 2021, John Robert Bell faced serious accusations of pedophilia and grooming. The allegations came to light when TikTok user Dylan, also known as @dylg16, spoke out against Bell in a video that quickly went viral. Dylan accused Jorobe of using his platform to groom and prey upon underage boys, including Dylan himself.

John Robert Bell family

According to Dylan, Bell had sent him inappropriate messages and even tried to arrange a meeting in a B&B for his 18th birthday, offering to buy him alcohol. This shocking revelation sent shockwaves through the TikTok community and beyond.

Deactivation of Social Media Accounts

In the wake of the grooming allegations, John Robert Bell decided to deactivate his social media accounts. His TikTok accounts, @jorobe, and @jorobeirl, which had accumulated a massive following of over 5.7 million users, were no longer accessible. Additionally, he also deactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts. The move left his fans and followers bewildered and wondering about the truth behind the allegations.

Public Reaction and Fallout

The revelations about Jorobe’s alleged predatory behavior prompted outrage and discussions across various social media platforms. Many users expressed their disgust and disappointment, while others stood in support of the victims and demanded justice. The controversy led to calls for greater accountability and safeguards against potential predators within the influencer community.

John Robert Bell controversy

Controversies with That Vegan Teacher

Apart from the grooming allegations, John Robert Bell was also involved in ongoing feuds with Kadie, popularly known as That Vegan Teacher, beginning in mid-2020. The feuds between the two TikTokers ranged from arguments over the definition of veganism to Kadie accusing him of mansplaining. The clashes attracted attention from their respective fan bases and added to the already contentious atmosphere surrounding Jorobe’s online presence.

Height and Weight

Hair ColorLight Brown
Height (approx.)5’11”
Weight (approx.)76 kg

Rising to Fame

The rapid rise to fame for John Robert Bell can be attributed to his engaging and innovative content. His ability to combine musical talent with humor struck a chord with viewers, and it was this unique blend that became his trademark. Each of his videos showcased his flute-playing skills while delivering a dose of laughter, providing entertainment and joy to his audience.

The power of social media played a crucial role in his journey to stardom. TikTok’s algorithm and the support of early fans helped catapult his videos to viral status. As the number of likes, shares, and comments on his videos soared, so did his popularity. Soon, John Robert Bell became a trending sensation on TikTok, with followers eagerly awaiting each new upload.

John Robert Bell career

John Robert Bell’s Net Worth

John Robert Bell’s hard work and success on TikTok have not gone unnoticed in the financial realm either. As of 2023, his estimated net worth is a remarkable USD 1 million. This wealth comes not only from his TikTok fame but also from brand endorsements, sponsorships, and collaborations that followed his rise to popularity. His creativity and ability to connect with a vast audience have made him an attractive partner for various brands looking to reach TikTok’s massive user base.

Education and Personal Growth

While John Robert Bell is widely recognized for his TikTok success, education has played a crucial role in shaping his journey. Bell attended Concordia College, where he pursued his academic interests. Though specifics about his field of study are not widely publicized, it is evident that his education has contributed to the depth and versatility of his content on TikTok.

John Robert Bell bio

The Mystery of His Family

While John Robert Bell has been an open book in many aspects of his life, he has chosen to keep his family life private. Little is known about his parents and siblings, as he rarely discusses them in public or shares details about their identities. This decision could be attributed to various reasons, including a desire to shield his loved ones from the intense scrutiny that comes with social media fame.

Despite his discretion regarding his family, fans have respected his boundaries and focused on supporting him for the content he creates. Instead of prying into his private life, they have embraced him for the person he is on-screen and the joy he brings into their lives through his TikTok videos.

Embracing His Identity: Coming Out as Bisexual

In a powerful and vulnerable moment, John Robert Bell decided to share an essential aspect of his life with his fans: his sexuality. In a heartfelt post on one of his social media accounts, he came out as bisexual, opening up about his journey of self-discovery and acceptance. This revelation was met with overwhelming support and love from his fans and the wider community.


  1. How old is John Robert Bell?

    29 years old.

  2. What makes John’s content unique?

    John’s content stands out due to its blend of humor, creativity, and relatability.

  3. How did John become famous on TikTok?

    John gained fame through a viral video that resonated with a global audience.

  4. What is John’s net worth?

    USD 1 million.

In conclusion, John Robert Bell’s journey from a regular individual to a TikTok star serves as an inspiration to aspiring content creators. Through dedication, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to spreading positivity, he has garnered a massive fanbase. His ability to connect with millions on TikTok showcases the power of social media in shaping modern-day stardom.

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