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Kate Vince is the wife of Dale Vince, a British green energy industrialist who founded Ecotricity, the world’s first green electricity company. She is also the co-owner of Forest Green Rovers, a football club that is recognized as the world’s first carbon-neutral and vegan club.

She has gained the limelight in the country after getting married to the renowned activist Dale Vince. She once again grabbed the spotlight in October 2023 after Dale Vince protested to save the planet through voting.

Early Life and Age

Kate Vince, the wife of Dale Vince, has never mentioned her birth but wikiagebio.com estimates that she was born sometime between 1961 and 1964 in the United Kingdom. As of the current year, 2023, she is approximately 58 to 61 years old. Unfortunately, the exact date of her birth remains undisclosed to the public, contributing to the aura of mystery that surrounds her life.

Kate Vince Career and Achievements

She began her career as an environmental activist and campaigner. She joined Ecotricity in the early 1990s as an employee and soon became involved in the company’s vision and mission. She helped Dale Vince to develop and expand Ecotricity’s green energy projects, such as wind farms, solar parks, and electric vehicle charging stations.

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She also supported Dale Vince’s plan to create artificial diamonds using carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and renewable energy. Kate Vince is also passionate about football and animal welfare. She became a co-owner of Forest Green Rovers in 2010, along with Dale Vince.

She helped to transform the club into a sustainable and ethical model for other sports organizations. She introduced vegan food options at the stadium, installed solar panels and electric vehicle charging points, and promoted organic farming and recycling. She also advocated for animal rights and supported various charities and causes related to wildlife conservation and animal protection.

Profile and Important Data

NameKate Vince
Net worth£5 Million
BirthdayB/W 1961-1964
Age58-61 years old
BirthplaceUnited Kingdom
FatherName not known
MotherShare soon
College/ SchoolPrivate College
HusbandDale Vince
Marital StatusMarried
Step-SonDane Vince
Astrological SignNA


While Kate Vince prefers to maintain a low profile in the public eye, some information about her educational background has come to light. It is known that she completed her high school education in a private school, although the specific institution remains unidentified.

Her decision to pursue an education in a private school suggests a commitment to quality education, mirroring her husband Dale Vince’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the renewable energy sector.

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Husband and Marriage

Kate is married to Dale Vince. We searched a lot on the various social media handles but the details about their first meeting and wedding are not known at the moment. In addition to this, the couple also don’t share any child together.

Kate Vince husband
Kate Vince’s husband Dale Vince

Kate is Dale Vince’s second wife. His first wife was Kathleen Wyatt, whom he married in 1981 when they were both new-age travelers living off state benefits. They had a son together, Dane, in 1983. They separated some years later and divorced in 1992. Wyatt sued Dale Vince for £2 million in 2015, claiming that he owed her maintenance payments. The case was settled in 2016, with Dale Vince agreeing to pay Wyatt £300,000.

The Power Couple

Despite the limited information available about Kate Vince, it is clear that she plays an integral role in the life of Dale Vince. As a power couple, they have undoubtedly faced numerous challenges and triumphs together, all while maintaining their privacy.

Kate Vince bio

Dale Vince’s work at Ecotricity has been instrumental in transforming the landscape of renewable energy in the United Kingdom. The company specializes in producing green electricity from renewable sources, such as wind and solar power. Under Dale’s leadership, Ecotricity has become a major player in the green energy sector, with a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

While Dale Vince is the face of Ecotricity and the driving force behind the company’s success, it is important to acknowledge the role that Kate likely plays behind the scenes.

Dale Vince Withdraws Support for Just Stop Oil Campaign

Dale Vince, the founder of Ecotricity and co-owner of Forest Green Rovers, has announced that he will no longer fund or support the Just Stop Oil campaign, which aims to stop new oil drilling in the North Sea. He said that the protest movement has failed to persuade the government to change its policies on fossil fuels and that the ballot box will be more powerful than disruption.

Vince, who has given more than £340,000 to Just Stop Oil since its inception, said that he agreed with its simple demand: no new sources of fossil fuel. He praised the campaigners for their conviction and bravery and defended their right to protest peacefully. However, he said that the government has declared war on net zero and “green wokery” in a way that is not only dishonest but dangerous. He accused the government of misleading the public about the cost and benefits of green policies, and of making bogus announcements on meat taxes, car-sharing, and recycling bins.

Vince said that he believes that the next election will be the most important in his lifetime and that he will urge people to vote to save the planet. He said that he will focus on creating and innovating green businesses in the energy, transport, and food sectors, which he said are the best ways to solve the cost of living crisis, create sustainable jobs, sustain economic growth, and tackle the climate crisis.

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Net Worth and Lifestyle

Vince’s net worth is estimated to be around £5 million, as she shares the wealth of her husband Dale Vince, who is worth £107 million according to The Sunday Times Rich List 2021. Kate Vince lives a luxurious but eco-friendly lifestyle with her family.

She owns several properties, including a castle in Gloucestershire and a penthouse in London. She drives an electric car and wears ethically sourced clothes and jewelry. She enjoys traveling, reading, gardening, and cooking vegan dishes.

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Kate Vince Parents and Siblings

Information about Vince’s parents and siblings remains shrouded in mystery. She has managed to keep her family background well-guarded from the prying eyes of the media and the public. As a result, there is no public information available regarding the names or backgrounds of her parents and siblings as per wikiagebio.com. Kate’s ability to maintain this level of privacy reflects her desire to lead a life away from the spotlight.

Facts and Trivia

  • Kate Vince is an ardent vegan and does not consume any animal products or by-products.
  • She is a fan of rock music and likes bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and The Rolling Stones.
  • Kate has a tattoo of a Celtic knot on her left shoulder.
  • Dale Vince’s wife has a necklace with a jeweled animal head that was bought by Dale Vince as a present.
  • Vince received an email from a stranger who sent her a picture of herself in underwear after seeing her husband in The Sunday Times Rich List.


  1. How old is Kate Vince?

    She is around 58-61 years old.

  2. When is Kate Vince’s birthday?

    Kate has not revealed her exact date of birth publicly.

  3. What is Kate Vince’s education?

    She completed her bachelor’s degree.

  4. How many kids does Kate Vince have?

    She has a stepson named Dane Vince.

  5. What is Kate Vince’s career?

    She is an environmental activist and campaigner who works for Ecotricity and co-owns Forest Green Rovers.

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