Ashley Butler Age (Austin Butler’s Sister), Parents, Career, Husband, Birthday, Children, and Net Worth

Ashley Butler – Have you ever wondered about the lesser-known members of famous families? Ashley Butler, the sister of Hollywood heartthrob Austin Butler, is a remarkable individual with a story worth exploring.

While Austin has been making headlines for his acting prowess, Ashley’s presence and influence within the entertainment industry have also left a notable mark. In this article, we delve into the various facets of Ashley Butler’s life, from her age and education to her career and intriguing facts. Let’s embark on this journey to uncover the lesser-known details about Ashley Butler.

When is Ashley Butler’s Birthday?

Ashley Butler was born in the year 1986, which places her at the age of 37 as of the current date. Her birth took place in the sunny state of California, United States. Over the years, Ashley has navigated her way through life, embracing challenges and opportunities that have molded her into the person she is today. Her age not only represents the passage of time but also the accumulation of experiences that have contributed to her unique perspective on life.

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Educational Details

Education forms the bedrock upon which many achievements are built. Ashley Butler’s commitment to her education has undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping her path. While specific details about her academic journey are not readily available, her graduation is a testament to her dedication and perseverance.

Graduating signifies the culmination of years of hard work, late-night study sessions, and the pursuit of knowledge. It speaks to Ashley’s determination to equip herself with the skills necessary to thrive in a competitive world.

Ashley Butler’s Career

While Ashley Butler may share a spotlight with her famous brother, she is not one to be overshadowed. Despite her relatively lower profile in the public eye, Ashley has been busy carving out her own path and pursuing her personal passions.

Ashley Butler career

Ashley’s artistic inclinations and talents extend beyond acting and into the world of visual arts. Her background in design, likely influenced by her father’s profession, has led her to explore various creative avenues. From fashion and photography to interior design and painting, Ashley’s artistic ventures showcase her multifaceted talents.

Net Worth

Ashley Butler has managed to forge her own path, which includes a notable presence in the financial sphere. With a net worth estimated at USD 400,000, she has established a commendable financial foothold. While this may not be as grandiose as some of the astronomical figures associated with A-list Hollywood celebrities, it reflects Ashley’s ability to create a stable and successful life for herself.

Siblings: Ashley’s Close Bond with Austin Butler

One of the most prominent aspects of Ashley Butler’s life is her close relationship with her brother, Austin. Born on August 17, 1991, in Anaheim, California, Austin Butler shot to fame for his roles in various television shows and movies. Despite the glare of the spotlight, the siblings have managed to maintain a strong and supportive bond throughout their lives.

Ashley Butler with her brother
Ashley Butler with her brother Austin Butler

The Butler siblings’ shared experiences and interests have undoubtedly contributed to their close relationship. Growing up in a family that cherished the arts, Ashley and Austin often found themselves immersed in the world of acting, music, and design. This common background likely served as a strong foundation for their enduring connection.

Austin Butler’s Commendable Community Work

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, actor Austin Butler and former soccer star David Beckham, along with other individuals including Beckham’s son Cruz, joined forces to assist in clearing a fallen tree that had obstructed a road in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. The fallen tree had been blocking the path for drivers, causing inconvenience and potential safety concerns.

The heroic act took place as captured by Beckham’s wife, Victoria Beckham, who shared a video on her Instagram page. The video showcased the group of individuals, including the unlikely pair of actor Austin Butler and sports icon David Beckham, working together to lift the large tree. The remarkable scene saw them hold the tree above their heads, making way for a large black SUV to proceed on the road. Victoria Beckham can be heard cheering them on in the background.

Who are Ashley Butler’s Parents?

Ashley Butler was born into a family with deep ties to the entertainment industry. Her parents, Lori Butler and David Butler, were both involved in the world of show business. This background undoubtedly had an influence on Ashley and her brother Austin’s career paths.

Ashley Butler and her father
Ashley Butler and her father David Butler

Lori Butler was a source of inspiration for her children. Her passion for the performing arts instilled a love for creativity and expression in both Ashley and Austin. David Butler, on the other hand, contributed to the family’s artistic legacy through his work as a costume designer. His keen eye for fashion and design likely left an indelible mark on his children’s aesthetic sensibilities.

Facts –

  • Ashley Butler is known for her love of travel and has visited several countries around the world.
  • She has a keen interest in philanthropy and actively supports various charitable causes.
  • Ashley has a passion for photography and often captures candid moments during her travels.

The Heartbreak of Loss: Lori Butler’s Battle with Cancer

Tragedy struck the Butler family in 2014 when Lori Butler, the matriarch of the family, lost her battle with cancer. Lori’s passing was a profound loss that undoubtedly had a significant impact on both Ashley and Austin. The siblings not only had to cope with the devastating loss of their mother but also had to find ways to support each other through the grieving process.

Ashley Butler old image with her family
Ashley Butler’s old image with her family

Is Ashley Butler married?

In 2018, Ashley Butler tied the knot with Tony Lucas, solidifying their bond and embarking on a journey of shared dreams and aspirations. Although not a public figure on the same scale as her brother Austin, Tony Lucas has played an essential role in Ashley’s life.

Ashley Butler with her husband
Ashley Butler with her husband Tony Lucas

Described by those close to the couple as a steadfast and supportive partner, Tony has shown unwavering commitment to Ashley’s endeavors. He has been her rock, offering both emotional and practical support as she navigates the challenges of life. The couple’s marriage has become a testament to the power of love and partnership, serving as an inspiration to others who aspire to find harmony in their relationships.


  1. Is Ashley Butler’s net worth publicly available?

    Yes, it is US $400k (approx.).

  2. Does Ashley Butler have any children?


  3. What is Ashley Butler’s relationship with her brother Austin Butler?

    Ashley Butler shares a close and supportive bond with her brother Austin Butler, as evident from their appearances together at various events.

  4. What are Ashley Butler’s interests besides her career?

    Ashley Butler has a passion for travel, photography, and philanthropy. She actively supports charitable causes and enjoys capturing moments from her journeys.

  5. How old is Ashley Butler?

    37 years.

  6. Is there any information about Ashley Butler’s marital status?

    Yes, she is married to her lover Tony Lucas.

In conclusion, Ashley Butler is a fascinating individual who has carved her own path in life while being a supportive sister to Austin Butler. Her age, education, career, and personal pursuits reflect her determination and passion. While she may not be as widely recognized as her brother, her presence in the Butler family adds depth and dimension to their story. As we wrap up this exploration of Ashley Butler’s life, we are reminded of the significance of family, personal growth, and pursuing one’s passions.

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