Senora May Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Children, Career, Family, Height, and Facts About Tyler Childers’ Wife

Senora May is the beloved wife of renowned singer-songwriter Tyler Childers. Senora May is not just recognized as the spouse of a talented musician but is an accomplished artist herself. We will explore various aspects of her life, including her career, net worth, marriage to Tyler Childers, their family life, education, and fascinating facts that make her an intriguing personality. So, let’s dive into the captivating journey of Senora May!

What is Senora May’s Age?

Born on 23rd May 1991 in the United States, Senora May is currently 32 years old. As she celebrates her birthday every year on the 23rd of May, her zodiac sign is Gemini. Senora’s birth year places her in the generation of millennials, individuals who have witnessed the rapid evolution of technology and social norms.

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School and College

Education has been an essential aspect of Senora May’s life, laying the foundation for her diverse interests and talents. She pursued her high school education at Lee County High School, where she likely honed her academic skills and engaged in extracurricular activities that shaped her character.

Senora May wiki

After graduating from Lee County High School, Senora went on to pursue higher education at Berea College. At Berea College, she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Ecological Architecture, a unique and fascinating field that blends the principles of environmental sustainability and architectural design.

Embarking on a Musical Journey

Growing up in a musical family, she was surrounded by the sounds of folk, country, and bluegrass. May’s passion for music blossomed at a young age, and she started writing songs and playing the guitar when she was just a teenager.

Released on Valentine’s Day in 2021, “All of My Love” is Senora May’s sophomore album, consisting of eight original love songs. The album was recorded at Fat Baby Studios in Whitesburg, KY, and was produced by Jessica Lea Mayfield, who also contributed her musical talents to some of the tracks. Notably, Jessica played baritone guitar and provided her angelic vocals on select songs like “Naturally,” “Colors,” and “Lookin’ for a Fight.” The album beautifully captures May’s deep emotions and showcases her unique storytelling ability.

Senora May is a singer

Senora May’s live performances have been praised for their authenticity and emotional connection with the audience. She has performed covers of songs by artists like Beyoncé and Rilo Kiley, infusing them with her own style and charm. These performances have allowed her to showcase her versatility and love for music.

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Meeting Tyler Childers

As a singer-songwriter himself, Tyler Childers is recognized for his poetic storytelling and authentic country sound. Senora May’s entrance into Tyler’s life has only served to complement his artistry. The couple’s shared passion for music has brought them closer, creating a collaborative partnership that has left an indelible mark on their fans and the music industry.

In the early stages of their relationship, Tyler and Senora May occasionally perform together, often showcasing their musical chemistry during live performances. Though Senora May has a more reserved presence in the public eye, her occasional appearances have been met with enthusiasm and acclaim, captivating audiences with her soothing voice and emotional depth.

Senora May and Tyler Childers’s Marriage

Senora May’s life took a significant turn when she crossed paths with the talented singer-songwriter Tyler Childers. Their love story, much like their music, is heartwarming and genuine. The exact details of how they met are not widely known, as both individuals prefer to keep their private life away from the spotlight.

Senora May and her husband
Senora May and her husband Tyler Childers

However, what we do know is that their love blossomed over time, and they tied the knot in 2015. The wedding ceremony was an intimate affair, reflective of their inclination to keep their personal lives private. Nevertheless, their marriage marked the beginning of a beautiful journey together, one that would not only enrich their lives but also impact their musical careers.

Tyler Childers Single ‘In Your Love’ Released

Country singer and songwriter Tyler Childers has released a poignant and emotional music video for his latest single “In Your Love,” which has left fans deeply moved. The video depicts a beautiful and heart-wrenching love story set in the Appalachian era of the 1950s, showcasing a romance between two male miners. The powerful portrayal of love and its resilience in the face of adversity has resonated strongly with audiences, earning praise for its portrayal of LGBTQ+ representation in country music.

The music video, directed by an as-yet-unidentified filmmaker, offers a visually stunning and cinematic experience that takes viewers on a journey back in time to the rugged landscapes of 1950s Appalachia. The story revolves around the love shared between two male miners, played by actors Colton Haynes and James Scully, whose love is so profound that not even death can erase it.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Senora May is a skilled painter, and her artwork has been featured in various exhibitions.
  • She enjoys spending her free time hiking in the serene landscapes of her hometown.
  • Senora May is a voracious reader and is often seen recommending books to her fans on social media.

A Journey Through Parenthood

In April 2022, the couple delighted their fans with heartwarming news—they were expecting their first child. The announcement spread like wildfire, sparking congratulatory messages from fans, fellow musicians, and the media. While the couple has not revealed the gender or name of their child, their excitement about becoming parents is palpable.

Senora May is expecting a child

Height and Weight

Weight61 kg
Hair LengthMedium
Physical Stats35-27-36 inches
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

Family Life of Senora May

Senora May, known for her soulful voice and captivating lyrics, remains mysterious about her personal life, especially when it comes to her family background. While her parents’ names are not publicly known, we can assume that she hails from a supportive and loving family that may have played a crucial role in shaping her musical talents.

Senora May with her mother
Senora May with her mother

Furthermore, she is one of five siblings, suggesting that she comes from a sizable and tight-knit family, though specific details about them remain undisclosed.

Senora May’s Net Worth

As of 2023, specific details about Senora May’s net worth are not publicly available. However, considering her success as a singer-songwriter and her contributions to the music industry, it can be assumed that she has earned a respectable income from her career. Senora May has built a dedicated fan base and has been involved in various musical ventures, but the exact figure of her net worth remains undisclosed.


  1. Is Senora May solely focused on her music career?

    While music holds a significant place in Senora May’s life, she also actively pursues her passion for painting and spends quality time with her family.

  2. Does Senora May have any siblings?

    Yes, Senora May has 5 siblings, and they share a close bond with each other.

  3. Has Senora May collaborated with Tyler Childers on any songs?

    Yes, Senora May and Tyler Childers have collaborated on several beautiful tracks that have been loved by their fans.

  4. Does Senora May actively engage with her fans on social media?

    Yes, Senora May is known for her friendly and interactive presence on social media, where she often shares updates about her music and life.

Senora May’s journey from a talented musician to becoming Tyler Childers’ wife has been nothing short of inspiring. Her passion for music, art, and life, combined with her warm and genuine personality, has endeared her to fans worldwide. As she continues to create beautiful melodies and cherish precious moments with her family, there’s no doubt that Senora May’s star will continue to shine brightly.

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