Kangana Ranaut Expressed Views on The Kerala Story, Said Unconstitutional

The Kerala Story – In recent news, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has sparked controversy by voicing her opinion on the ban imposed on the film “The Kerala Story.” Despite the ban, Kangana Ranaut argues that such films play a vital role in addressing the complaints of the audience. This article delves into the ban controversy surrounding the film and explores Kangana Ranaut’s defense of its release as well as her claim that banning the film is unconstitutional.

The Controversial Film “The Kerala Story”

“The Kerala Story” is a film that revolves around the narrative of radicalized girls from Kerala who join ISIS. It explores a sensitive subject matter that has attracted attention and sparked discussions among the public.

The Ban Controversy

Despite the release of “The Kerala Story,” controversy surrounds the film due to its subject matter. Various individuals and organizations have called for a ban on the film, citing concerns about its potential impact and the portrayal of sensitive issues. This controversy has led to a heated debate regarding freedom of expression and artistic integrity.

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Kangana Ranaut’s Support and Defense

Kangana Ranaut, known for her bold and outspoken nature, has come forward to support the release of “The Kerala Story” and question the ban imposed on it. In her statement, she deems the ban unconstitutional and emphasizes the importance of addressing the complaints of the audience through films.

The Unconstitutionality Argument

Kangana Ranaut argues that banning “The Kerala Story” is a violation of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution. She believes that creative works should not be censored or banned unless they pose a direct threat to public safety or incite violence. Kangana Ranaut contends that artistic expression and freedom of speech should be protected, allowing filmmakers to explore diverse narratives and present thought-provoking stories to the audience.

Redressing People’s Complaints

According to Kangana Ranaut, many people express dissatisfaction with the mainstream Bollywood film industry, claiming that it does not produce the kind of films they want to watch. She argues that films like “The Kerala Story” help address these complaints by exploring unconventional themes and presenting narratives that deviate from the usual commercial formulas. By allowing such films to be released, the concerns and preferences of the audience are acknowledged and catered to.

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The Impact of Films like “The Kerala Story”

Kangana Ranaut highlights the significance of films like “The Kerala Story” in challenging societal norms, stimulating discussions, and raising awareness about important issues. She believes that such films have the potential to initiate positive changes by bringing attention to neglected or controversial topics. By presenting diverse perspectives and thought-provoking narratives, films can contribute to the cultural and social progress of a society.

Film Industry and Audience Response

The ban controversy surrounding “The Kerala Story” has not only sparked debates among the general public but has also drawn attention from within the film industry itself. Various celebrities, including Shabana Azmi, Khushbu, and Kangana Ranaut, have spoken out against those advocating for the ban on the film. Their support demonstrates the solidarity within the film industry when it comes to defending creative freedom and opposing undue censorship.

Release and Success of “The Kerala Story”

Despite the ban controversy, “The Kerala Story” managed to hit the big screens after the Kerala High Court refused to issue a stay order on its release. The film’s release was accompanied by mixed responses from the audience and critics alike. Nevertheless, it gained attention due to its controversial subject matter and the discussions it generated.

Kangana’s Assertion: Anyone Feeling Attacked is a Terrorist

Kangana Ranaut made a strong statement, asserting that anyone who feels attacked by “The Kerala Story” is a terrorist. This statement adds another layer to the controversy, as it raises questions about the film’s potential impact on certain individuals or groups. Kangana Ranaut’s remark has been met with both support and criticism from different sections of society.

Support from Other Celebrities

Kangana Ranaut’s stance on the ban controversy received support from other celebrities as well. Notable personalities like Shabana Azmi expressed their agreement with Kangana’s opinion, questioning the motives of those calling for a ban on “The Kerala Story”. This solidarity among industry figures showcases the importance of standing up for creative freedom and the right to express different perspectives.

Efforts to Ban the Film

Despite the film’s release, the calls for a ban on “The Kerala Story” have persisted. Individuals and organizations continue to voice their concerns, arguing that the film’s subject matter may have adverse effects or perpetuate harmful stereotypes. The ban controversy remains ongoing, with proponents on both sides passionately advocating for their viewpoints.

Kangana’s View on the Controversy

In a recent event, Kangana Ranaut shared her perspective on the controversies surrounding “The Kerala Story.” While she admitted to not having watched the film herself, she acknowledged the extensive efforts made to ban it. Her statement reflects her belief in the importance of artistic freedom and her support for filmmakers’ right to express their creative visions without undue interference.

Importance of Freedom of Expression

The ban controversy surrounding “The Kerala Story” brings to the forefront the larger issue of freedom of expression in the film industry. The debate revolves around striking a balance between artistic liberty and the responsibility to avoid promoting harm or offensive content. This incident highlights the ongoing discussions about creative boundaries and the challenges faced by filmmakers when exploring sensitive subjects.


Kangana Ranaut’s call to consider the ban on “The Kerala Story” unconstitutional has added fuel to the ongoing controversy surrounding the film. While individuals and organizations advocate for the ban, Ranaut defends the film’s release, asserting the importance of addressing people’s complaints through unconventional narratives. This controversy emphasizes the need for a balanced approach that upholds artistic freedom while ensuring responsible storytelling and representation.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is “The Kerala Story” about?

    “The Kerala Story” is a film that explores the narrative of radicalized girls from Kerala who join ISIS.

  2. Why is there a controversy surrounding the film “The Kerala Story”?

    The controversy surrounding “The Kerala Story” stems from concerns about its subject matter and the portrayal of sensitive issues. This has led to calls for a ban on the film

  3. What is Kangana Ranaut’s stance on the ban on “The Kerala Story”?

    Kangana Ranaut supports the release of “The Kerala Story” and considers the ban imposed on it unconstitutional. She believes that creative works should not be censored unless they pose a direct threat to public safety or incite violence. Ranaut emphasizes the importance of addressing audience complaints through films.

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