Taylor Schabusiness Wiki, Story, Husband, Age, Bio, Father, Sentence, and Kids of Shad Thyrion’s Killer

Taylor Schabusiness, a Wisconsin woman who was convicted of killing and dismembering her 24-year-old boyfriend in a meth-fueled rampage, appeared in court on Tuesday wearing a spit hood, a restraint device that prevents spitting or biting.

Schabusiness, 25, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of Shad Thyrion, whom she strangled, decapitated, and mutilated in February 2022 at his mother’s Green Bay home.

Taylor Schabusiness’ Full Story

According to the criminal complaint, Schabusiness and Thyrion had smoked methamphetamine and had sex on a mattress in the basement before she attacked him with a dog collar and a knife. She then cut off his head, arms and legs, and left parts of his body throughout the house and in a vehicle. She also sexually assaulted his corpse with a wooden handle.

Taylor Schabusiness wiki

Schabusiness was arrested on Feb. 23, 2022, after Thyrion’s mother called the police to report finding her son’s head in a bucket in the basement. She also told the police that Schabusiness had confessed to killing Thyrion and asked her to help dispose of the body.

Schabusiness was charged with first-degree intentional homicide, third-degree sexual assault and mutilating a corpse. She pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, but a jury rejected her insanity defense and found her guilty on all counts on July 26, 2023.

A controversial device

During her sentencing hearing on Tuesday, Schabusiness wore a spit hood, a mesh fabric that covers the face and is used by law enforcement officers to prevent detainees from spitting or biting them. The use of spit hoods has been controversial, as they have been linked to several deaths in custody and criticized for violating human rights.

Spit hoods are banned or restricted in some states and countries, but not in Wisconsin. According to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, spit hoods are used as a last resort when a detainee poses a threat to themselves or others by spitting or biting. The office said that Taylor Schabusiness had been wearing a spit hood since her arrest because she had repeatedly spat at officers and staff.

Taylor Schabusiness arrested

Schabusiness’ defense attorney, Christopher Froelich, said that he had no objection to the use of the spit hood in court, as long as it did not interfere with his client’s ability to communicate with him. He also said that Schabusiness had been cooperative and respectful during the hearing.


NameTaylor Schabusiness 
Astrological Sign NA
Ethnicity Mixed
Personal Details 
Birthday 1997
Age 25
Birthplace Wisconsin, United States
Nationality American
Family Details 
Father Arturo Coronado
Mother Marla Flugge Coronado
Siblings Not known
Husband Warren Schabusiness
Ex-Boyfriend Shad Thyrion
Kids 1 Son
Religion Christian
Physical Appearance 
Height 5’9”
Weight 61 kg
Shoe Size 8 US
Hair Color Blonde
Career Info 
Net worth US $150k (approx.)
Profession Corporate Job

Age and Birthday

Taylor Schabusiness is 25 years old. She was born in November 1997. After searching a lot, wikiagebio.com found that her birthplace is Wisconsin, United States. She kept most of her information private after she killed her former boyfriend. Also, this lady never uploaded anything on her social media handles regarding her birthday and family members.


Taylor Schabusiness’ father is Arturo Coronado, who is currently serving time for sexually assaulting a child under the age of 16. He testified in his daughter’s defense during the second phase of her murder trial, claiming that the death of her mother and brother had taken a toll on her mental health. He also said that he loved his daughter and that he had tried to help her.

Taylor Schabusiness father
Schabusiness’ father Arturo Coronado

Bond with Mother

Taylor Schabusiness’ mother was Marla Flugge Coronado, who died from cirrhosis and alcoholism in 2009. She was the daughter of Randall Flugge and Patty Flugge-Williams, who also preceded her in death. She was married to Arturo Coronado and had two children with him: Taylor and Arturo “AJ” Coronado.

Taylor Schabusiness’ Sentence

Brown County Circuit Judge Thomas Walsh sentenced Schabusiness to life in prison without parole, saying that her crime was “beyond comprehension” and “shocked the community”.

“You seem to run out of superlatives. Where the victim’s remains are cut up? These actions are foreign. They shock the community; there aren’t really words for it,” he said.

Walsh also said that Schabusiness showed no remorse or empathy for her victim or his family and that she posed a danger to society.

Schabusiness declined to make any statement before her sentence was imposed. She showed no emotion as she was escorted out of the courtroom wearing the spit hood.

A Tragic Loss – Shad Thyrion’s Murder

Thyrion’s family and friends expressed their grief and anger at Schabusiness during the hearing. They described Thyrion as a kind, compassionate, and generous person who loved music, animals, and nature. They said that he had struggled with addiction but was trying to overcome it.

Shad Thyrion
Shad Thyrion

They also said that Schabusiness had manipulated and abused Thyrion during their relationship and that they wished they had intervened sooner.

Thyrion’s mother, Dawn Thyrion, said that she hoped Schabusiness would suffer for the rest of her life for what she did to her son.

A rare case

Schabusiness’ case is one of the most gruesome and shocking murders in Wisconsin history. According to experts, it is also one of the rarest cases of female-perpetrated homicide involving dismemberment and necrophilia.

According to Dr. Katherine Ramsland, a forensic psychologist and professor at DeSales University who has studied female killers, most women who kill do so for personal or financial gain, revenge or self-defense. They usually use poison or other covert methods, and they rarely mutilate or abuse their victims’ bodies.

Taylor Schabusiness killed Shad Thyrion

Ramsland said that Taylor Schabusiness’ case is an exception and that it suggests a high level of psychopathy, sadism, and impulsivity. She also said that Schabusiness’ use of methamphetamine may have contributed to her violent behavior and distorted perception of reality.

Ramsland said that Schabusiness’ case is not only rare, but also disturbing and fascinating for the public.

Husband and Kids

Taylor Schabusiness’ husband is Warren Schabusiness, who is also behind bars for drug-related charges. He was arrested by federal agents in 2020 for possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute. He married Taylor in 2018 and they have a son together.

Taylor Schabusiness husband
Taylor’s husband Warren Schabusiness

According to various sources, Taylor has one son, Mateo Schabusiness, who was born in 2018. He is the grandson of Arturo Coronado and the nephew of AJ Coronado. He is currently living with his paternal grandparents, Juan and Esther Schabusiness


  1. Why did Taylor Schabusiness wear a spit hood in court?

    She wore a spit hood because she had repeatedly spat at officers and staff since her arrest.

  2. What did Taylor Schabusiness do to her boyfriend?

    She killed and dismembered him, and sexually assaulted his corpse.

  3. What was Taylor Schabusiness’ sentence?

    She was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

  4. How did Taylor Schabusiness’ victim’s family react?

    They expressed their grief and anger at her, and hoped she would suffer or repent.

  5. Is Taylor Schabusiness married?

    Yes, she is married to Shad Thyrion.

  6. Who is Taylor Schabusiness’ father?

    Arturo Coronado.

  7. How old is Taylor Schabusiness?

    25 years old.

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